What is a Group?

The groups are a way to experience a linguistic immersion within your hometown. Groups allow you to meet other members that have the same interests as you and to practice the vocabulary related to the specific immersive activity. For example, vocabulary needed to go to the pharmacy, or in the train station, or at the grocery store, or a restaurant… all these little things that make life so much easier when you have to speak in a foreign language. Free membership automatically registers you to 3 immersion groups: restaurants, walking and shopping.

"There are no matches around you" message

Please keep in mind that we launched last week and we are doing our best to get the word out. If you would like to help us, send the link of the app to your friends and expat communities in your city. Conversation is also about word of mouth! We need your support to make it work!

What is the difference between Setting and Profile and Account

We know sometimes it gets confusing when an app has too many features. So everything that has to do with your personal info is in your profile. And everything that has to do with your preferences such as “favorite language to practice” or the city you are looking for a practice buddy… that would be in the Settings. 

The account section is related to the type of account you have. For example, it you have registered as a teacher, the information related to your teacher profile would be into your account.

What is the "Teacher" feature?

Some members would like to just speak the language they want to practice; therefore we allow members to register as teachers and give conversation classes to other members. 

Where can I change my info?

Go to the menu, click on your profile. There you can change your personal info such as your photo, the message, and your videos.

Why are videos important?

Videos allow you to see the level of the language the other person wants to practice. Some people want someone that has the same level as them… others prefer if the level is very good or really not. Videos allow you to introduce yourself and to understand better the other person. We feel it’s a great way to make the immersive experience as enjoyable as possible.