Isn’t it always fun to share your knowledge and get rewarded at the same time?

We think so as well and created the “teacher” feature which allows members to find a conversation teacher to practice freely the language of their choice. If you are fluent in a specific language, you can register as a conversation teacher and help other members practice your native language. Conversation sessions are 40mins and you get to decide on the fee you’d like to be paid for by the member that books a session with you. Payment is made off the app upon arrangement with the other member (either through paypal or even cash). Yes! that’s right, we do not keep any % of your classes, nor process the payment through the app.

Please note the fee you ask for is at your discretion, we do suggest though, to highlight on your “teacher profile” if you have a teacher certification and if you are willing to add grammar classes to the conversation sessions. Please note, that all premium members have a 15% discount on the first class they take with a given teacher. This helps encouraging members to try new teachers as much as possible to give a fair chance to everybody. Please keep it in mind when you enter your fee on the app and thank you for supporting us in this effort!

To register as a teacher, simply go to MY ACCOUNT on the app and click on become a teacher. Register, fill in your profile, and make sure you update the video of the language you speak well with information that tells members why you want to be a conversation teacher ( it’s your opportunity to sell yourself!). 

 All teachers have a rating/review system to help with transparency and reliability.