Hellola is based on immersive experience when it comes to practicing a foreign language. Learning a language is fantastic and there are many great apps and schools that specialize in the teaching languages; we are very grateful they exist and thank them for the great job and service they provide. Where the traditional methods fall short is in language “pragmatics” which help you get your way through a train station, at a pharmacy, in a restaurant.  There’s definitely one way to do this and it has a name: PRACTICE!

This is where the groups come into the equation! We have created groups for members that share the same interests but also for members to practice specific topics. Therefore, if you join the “museum” group for example, you will connect with another member that enjoys museums, connect and arrange a visit to a museum. During your practice session, you will practice all the vocabulary needed for an “art” conversation and pragmatics such as getting your ticket.

A free member is automatically registered in 3 groups: restaurant, walking, and shopping; then we offer a premium service which allows you to join groups other premium members have created and to create any group you like. 

Becoming a premium allows to immerse into different activities and practice your favorite language with other committed members!

To become a premium member, simply go to “MY ACCOUNT” on the app and click on “BECOME A PREMIUM”